David Bolno Provides Advice to Those Looking to Make It in Hollywood


In the high-stakes world of entertainment management, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most. But David Bolno charts an uplifting path by making service his North Star.

As a top business manager, Bolno has propelled the stratospheric careers of Justin Bieber, Drake and other icons. Yet behind the scenes, he infuses their work with conscientious purpose. His recent creation of the Bolno-Pineles Family Scholarship Fund speaks volumes. It will support medical students at the University of Pennsylvania, preferentially uplifting those engaged in Jewish learning. 

Such dedication to helping others actualize their potential is no surprise from Bolno. Having specialized in entertainment finance for a very long back, he grasps the levers of profit in Hollywood. But he also understands that true prosperity lies in empowering people to realize their dreams. This ethos of opening doors guides his stewardship of top music talents, and it animates his scholarship fund’s mission at Penn Medicine too.

Both in show business and the healing arts, Bolno believes serving others is what makes a vocation meaningful. His fund aids Penn medical students not only to excel professionally but also to direct their abilities toward the greater good. Whether as a doctor or pop icon, one’s reach matters less than the care one provides. 

This people-first philosophy steers Bolno’s counsel for those seeking success in entertainment and beyond. He doesn’t peddle formulas for fame or wealth. Rather, he advises living by timeless wisdom: To lift ourselves up, we must lift each other. By making room at the table for more voices, we all prosper. 

David Bolno points to service as the guiding light through life’s noise. His scholarship sets the tone – help dreamers chase their purpose, and blessings will follow. For in empowering others, our own lives gain meaning. This is the imprint that lasts.

But public acts of generosity are only part of Bolno’s community leadership. Those who work closely with him attest that his mentorship changes careers. From instructive chats to spontaneous acts of kindness, Bolno nurtures talent with the heart of a teacher. He knows that within the cutthroat entertainment industry, a helping hand can make all the difference. 

It’s why seasoned artists as well as newcomers seek Bolno’s representation. They understand his integrity is as rare as his business savvy is. While many managers focus strictly on the commercial aspects of building a sensation, Bolno never loses sight of the human being behind the headlines.

This goes for Bolno’s philanthropic work as well. Cynics might call charity an easy way for celebrities to shine their halos. But Bolno’s altruism is no PR ploy – it’s a calling he absorbed early on. Having grown up in a close-knit Jewish community outside Philadelphia, he inherited the ethical emphasis on Tikkun Olam – “healing the broken world.”

Whether guiding a budding musician or future doctor, for Bolno success metrics fall away before deeper questions – how are we bettering each other’s experience here? Are we applying our gifts where they’re most needed?

By launching his family scholarship fund at Penn Medicine, David Bolno provides living proof that fame and fortune matter less than the service seeded along the way. In lifting up others’ dreams higher than our own, we discover the purpose for which we’re here. That’s the imprint that time remembers. The rest flashes past.

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